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I have been building these Adirondack chairs since 2010. My wife asked me to build her one, so I found a pattern, built it and from there she helped me design the perfect chair. 7 versions later, about the only thing that remains of the original pattern is how wide the chair is. I still have that chair, it is in my middle school classroom undergoing rigorous 'durability' testing.

I started my building them for friends and selling them at the local hardware store. I moved and took a year off and then I decided to try again. This time they really took off! This is a wonderful hobby which has allowed me to meet many interesting people and learn so much. I have gotten to see antique sawmills in operation producing the pine for my chairs, been to exotic lumber yards, tour large commercial facilities just to name a few.

I have also started tutoring my students in how to build their own. Each year I take on 4 students at a time from my middle school bring them lumber from my shop and they build their own chair from my design. Along with the chairs, I am able to provide my middle school students with a nearly unlimited supply of pine from my home shop because of your purchases. While it may not be suitable for your chair, it makes a wonderful birdhouse.

In 2018 I was invited for a wide variety of showcases for my chairs. 4 were raffled off at my school to raise money for the school variety show. They provided complementary seating for the Brookfield concert on the commons series. They will be on display at the apple country fair for relaxing at the library book sale. The biggest event is they will be for sale at the Eastern States Exposition- The Big E!, available at the wine and cheese barn with a special wine lovers edition.